About us


We are Osman Antiques, a Dutch family company that is specialized in the importing and exporting of some of the most beautiful antique (European) furniture around. We buy and sell our items worldwide, ship them to the farthest corners of the earth, and have had acquired a very happy clientele over the past 40 years of being in this beautiful business. We are highly specialized in Louis XVI and Louis XV, Rococo and Venetian-style furniture and clock sets, of any kind (French, English, Italian), anything rare and eye-catching. All of our items are authentic antiquities in a good condition. The items that we offer range from $2 USD to something like $200.000 so we have items for every wallet. We sell items that are worth their money, either in aesthetic terms or in selling them again later. We offer special deals for home designers and dealers, so if you would be interested or curious about that please don’t hesitate to let us know. Paying in installments, or having us store some items until you are ready to have them shipped over, all is fine. We work with a great diverse team all throughout Europe who are actively searching for the most beautiful pieces, so if you’re looking for anything in particular and you cannot find it on our website, please let me know too as we can instruct our people to find basically anything that a client wants. Any questions? Just let us know.