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It is made by Heldense exclusive English furniture. it is a unique example of fine craftswork made of mahogany wood. At the front you see a door that is beautifully decorated. Under the door you find two drawers and under that you find two doors . When you open those doors you find two shelfs that are made over the whole width of the item. The doors are closed with a key that is present and will be shipped with the item. The items has an old small restoration. When you open the upper door, you find a writing space of the original green leather. You also find 2 shelfs at each side and under the shelfs there is a drawer also at each side. When you remove the drawers and you put your finger in the whole you can remove the "books" that are next to the shelfs. In the books you can also put "secret things"so the books hide secret places to hide secret things. Between the two places for the shelfs you find a small door. WHen you open this door there is also space to put things. This door is closed with a key that is alo present and will come with the item.

c. to c.

Height inch (cm)
Width inch (cm)
Depth inch (cm)

Ref No. mkko86

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