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Selected and designed mirror with base in French style

Special selection of our items are made to inspire designers and to make your home more valuable and beautiful.

c. to c.

Height 88,5inch (cm)
Width 50inch (cm)
Depth 14inch (cm)

Ref No. console 23445BBa

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This is one of our favorite piece and unique part of our collection. This is mirror with removable base is made in new gold leaf and in gold color. The mirror inside is new. Its is special designed bringing deluxe and excellent for any home. Its has dual function as well. You can use it together or separate, only the mirror in one room and the base in other. This is items made in France, presenting Louis xvi style The base has marble in darker pink color, very good quality. Dimension Mirror Only: 75"H x 50"W x 5"D. Dimension Bottom Base: 13.5"H x 49"W x 14"D. Dimension Both Mirror & Base: 88.5"H x 50"W x 14"D.