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Antique rococo living room set

The one that you are looking for its just infront of your eyes. A special designed complete living room set, sofa and 2 chairs made in Italian fasionable way keeping the old and Original Rococo style and present wonderfully Rococo time.

c. 1900 to c.

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Ref No. living room set

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The living room its unique set, consisting of sofa for 3 person and 2 chairs. The frame made in new silver leaf, originaly is 100 % handmade from massive wood and very professional decorated, giving the sophisticated look at every room. The fabric is black and white. Clean and sturdy. As you can see in the photos, this is a two face cushion set. Basically you get two living rooms in one with the two face cushions. You can change in black or in white as you wish, keeping the amazing look and having the lovely and elegant living room every time. This set is sturdy and ready to be used for many years. Amazing pieces of furniture. Dimension Chair: 39"W x 46"H x 34"D. Floor to seat 20" Dimension Settee: 89.5"W x 53"H x 38"D. Floor to seat 23"